Little Scholars

Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. (PWLS) is the only national youth sports organization in America that requires its participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play.

We believe that the standards we have set give these children a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for academics and athletics that will help them develop later on in life.

Like such organizations as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), PWLS has academic guidelines and criteria that need to be met in order for a child to participate.


Proof of satisfactory progress in school is required. A 2.0/70% or the equivalent shall be the minimum grade point average acceptable to participate. In cases of doubt, conflict of opinion, or if a valid report card is not submitted, the nationally published scholastic eligibility form shall be used and deemed final.

NOTE: This rule as it relates to scholastic grades may not be made more stringent by any team, association, or league, as other rules may be. No local team/squad may be allowed to participate in Regional/National sponsored championships or bowl games if it has not met the nationally published scholastic requirements.


We understand that not all student-athletes are able to meet our scholastic requirements. If a child does not meet the requirements of scholastic fitness, he/she may fill out and submit a Scholastic Eligibility Form.

This form is to be completed by those participants in the Pop Warner program that have not met the National Scholastic Requirement of 70 percent and/or 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) at the time of certification. 

This form must be accompanied by a progressing progress report or report card to be eligible for play after the October 16, 2018 deadline. That report must be dated between Sep. 11, 2018 and Oct 16, 2018.

If no progressing progress report or report card is given in this window then the player shall be found ineligible for the rest of the year. Download the Scholastic Eligibility Form


Each year, the most academically accomplished Pop Warner kids compete for Academic All-American status. This process begins at the association level and up through each of the eight Pop Warner regions to the national level.

In 2013 over 425,000 kids participated in Pop Warner. As our numbers once again reached record levels, a record numbers of All-American Scholar applications were once again submitted to us...more than 9,700 applications!

The Pop Warner All-American Program requires a minimum 96% grade point average to apply. After the applications have been processed, Pop Warner determines National First Team All-Americans (35 football, 35 cheer per grade), National Second Team All-Americans and National Honorable Mention Scholars.

2015 - SDPW Little Scholars

Pop Warner All-American Scholar Weekend

MAY 26-27

Congratulations to our 2017-18

San Diego Pop Warner Scholars.

San Diego Pop Warner
2017-2018 Little Scholars
Aidan ReyesSantee82
Caterina LybargerLakeside82
Chase PorterCoronado82
Donna GerberLakeside82
Dylan YoungSantee82
Elias SanchezSantee82
Elliot GibbonsCoronado82
Finley AlexanderCoronado82
Francheska IanacioRancho San Diego82
Kaitlyn SampleLakeside82
Megan TauriainenLakeside82
Natalie CruzLvsd82
Salvador VillarrealPoint Loma82
Saxton SylvestorCoronado82
Thomas LoganRancho San Diego82
Donovan YousifLakeside8HM
Faith PoulsonLakeside8HM
Hannah RusboldtLakeside8HM
Sean TrussoPoint Loma8HM
Aaron LeePoint Loma72
Anita TurnerLakeside72
Benjamin KaplanSantee72
Braden WilsonLakeside72
Cailey MorrisCoronado72
Cameron LucasPoint Loma72
Chase LowaryPoint Loma72
Danica CossioAlpine72
David ReidPoint Loma72
Dominic DenhaLakeside72
Dylan FrischSantee72
Emmett JacobsonPoint Loma72
Ireland AllisonLakeside72
Jackson EmersonPoint Loma72
Jayce BattenRancho San Diego72
John CarlsonCoronado72
John KellyPoint Loma72
Joseph MerrittRancho San Diego72
Logan McHerringCoronado72
Mevina PerezAlpine72
Richard Wheeler IIIPoint Loma72
Samuel CahillCoronado72
Shane BaileyRanch San Diego72
Thomas TaylorPoint Loma72
Austin CordeiroLakeside7HM
Drake CobbPoint Loma7HM
Gavin DominguezRancho San Diego7HM
Jorge Verduzco Jr.Lakeside7HM
Nevaeh HenrichCoronado7HM
Noah TurbevillePoint Loma7HM
Paytyn WrightLakeside7HM
Robert HoveySantee7HM
William BuceyCoronado7HM
Rocco BalistreriPoint Loma61
Aden SacksRancho San Diego62
Alyssa OttersbachRanch San Diego62
Brandon AlvisLakeside62
Carson SahdPoint Loma62
Hannah FabiszakCoronado62
Kellen TinsleyPoint Loma62
Thomas BennettPoint Loma62
Cavon MaloneLakeside6HM
Kael DarbyRancho San Diego6HM
Sebastian SnodgrassPoint Loma6HM
Tyler TrowerAlpine6HM
Wyatt YoungSantee6HM
Braeden EadsRancho San Diego52
Trevor LoganRancho San Diego52