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SDPW - Weight Certification

posted Aug 17, 2018, 11:41 AM by SDPW webmaster   [ updated Aug 17, 2018, 11:50 AM ]
SDPW - Weight Certification

Saturday - Aug 18, 2008

Silver Strand Elementary School
1350 Leyte Rd, Coronado, CA 92118

Participants are required to dress in a t-shirt and light shorts.  

Participants MAY NOT weight-certify if they are wearing any of the following:

·        Denim Jeans or shorts

·        Cargo shorts

·        Sweatshirt

·        Hat

·        Team Jersey or any Jersey


3 Associations per hour - Teams will go Unlimited/Jr Varsity down to Mighty Mite

Castle Park
Rancho San Diego
San Carlos
Mt Helix
Point Loma



ONLY Team Business Manager, Association Certification Director and Association President will be allowed in the weigh in area.  If the team does not have a rostered Business Manager, it will be the responsibility of the Association Certification Director or President to fill the Business Manager’s duties on this day. 



Participants are required to dress in a t-shirt and light shorts.  Participants MAY NOT weight-certify if they are wearing any of the following:

·        Denim Jeans or shorts

·        Cargo shorts

·        Sweatshirt

·        Hat

·        Team Jersey or any Jersey


Participants wearing any of the listed items will be asked to strip weight as required by the National Rule.[1] Any participant who appears to be weighed down with water or weights will not be allowed to weight certify.


Each association must be at the designated location 30 minutes prior to scheduled weigh-in time. Business Manager must have team books which will include:

·        Participant Card – with Participant picture securely attached

·        Pop Warner Contract

·        Copy of Birth Certificate

·        Complete and acceptable Physical

·        Report Card

·        Calculation form



These documents must be stamped prior to weight certification.  If the participant paperwork has not been cleared prior to the weight certification, they will NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEIGH IN. Please notify your participants of this.


Participants will be asked to line up in Alphabetical order – the same order that the teams books must be in. Any participant, who is not attending the certification, must be highlighted in yellow on the team roster.


A courtesy scale will be provided outside the weigh-in area.  Participant’s parents and coaches can check the participant’s weight before entering the weigh-in area. We request that Participants remain quiet and respectful for other associations who may be inside going through the weigh-in process. Once inside, participants must remain quiet and in their designated line. Teams will line up in front of the designated scale/table which represents their age and weight group. The Team Business Managers will sit behind the table at the scale with a designated conference board member. Participant will be asked to approaches the scale and state their name which should correspond with the participant’s contract and birth certificate. If the participant goes by another name due to parent’s request, the participant’s card and contract must be clearly flagged.


The participant will be asked to step on the scale by a conference board member. The conference member will only state, pass or fail in the participant’s presence.  The official weight will then be provided to the business manager who MUST RECORD THE STATED WEIGHT ON BOTH TEAM ROSTERS. After the participant is weighed, he/she must immediately exit the weight in area.  They cannot wait for any other participant or board member. 

An association board member who has been designated to be in the weigh in area have a child (ren), we ask that their child (ren) wait outside the exit door until the weigh-ins have been completed. Any participant requesting a strip weigh-in will be asked to sit in a designated area.  The strip weight-in will not be conducted until all other weigh-ins from the current association has been completed. 


If a participant does not make weight for their division and are not more than SIX pounds or less than THREE pounds from the designated division, they may continue to practice with their team, but must return for make-up weigh-in. If the participant is more than six and less than three pounds of the division weights, they MUST not have contact practice with the team and it is recommended that they move to the next weight and age group.



Make-up Date, Location and Time TBA


Any participant attending the make-up weight certification must bring with them the entire registration packet as previously listed. An association may opt to send a Business Manager or board member to the make-up weigh-in. Each Participant must be accompanied with two copies of the unofficial rosters.


Teams that do not certify the minimum number of participants at the first weight certification will not be placed on the schedule for the first official game. Once the roster is certified, ONLY those Participants on the roster will be able to participate in the first OFFICIAL game. Any team which forfeits two successive games by reason of an insufficient number of participants shall be investigated by the League for a determination as to whether to forfeit the balance of the season