Congratulations to Matthew Barton

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Matthew Barton
San Carlos Patriot QB
Selected to play for 14U US National Team


FREE Football Camp 6/2/18

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Sports Clinic for Kids - FREE for anyone who would like to Attend

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We are excited to announce our youth clinic program to you!

Introducing Clinics!
We will be offering FREE sports clinic now through Summer for
pre/post season league workouts.

What Are Clinics?
Clinics are a great way to get extra practice, skill-building, and confidence
in a sport.

Clinics allow us to continue to practice and play without the need for teams
and therefore make them a perfect option for a spring/summer program.

How They Work!
Your child will be able to participate in FUN and challenging drill sets. Clinics
are 2 hours long and hosted two Sunday's each month at a specified time.

We work with all participants on specific positions, speed, agility, passing,
receiving, and running. Clinics are limited to first 100 registered participants.

We teach FUN drills and scrimmages! Coaches have various backgrounds
from high school coaching to college-level play, and all are committed to
having FUN and practicing safety while igniting a passionate interest in the

Group assignments will be determined by grade and skill level.

Boulder Oaks Elementary
Sports Field

Schedule of Events
Sunday, March 18 10 AM - 12 PM
Sunday, March 25 10 AM - 12 PM
Sunday, April 22 10 AM - 12 PM
Sunday, April 29 10 AM - 12 PM
Sunday, May 6 10 AM - 12 PM
Sunday, May 20 10 AM - 12 PM
Sunday, June 10 10 AM - 12 PM
Sunday, June 24 10 AM - 12 PM

Get ahead of the game and RSVP for the program.
Clinics are limited to first 100 registered participants.
See you there!

Charles: (619) 302-8044
Ronda: (619) 726-4309

Congrats to the 2017-18 SDPW - Little Scholars

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Pop Warner All-American Scholar Weekend

MAY 26-27

Congratulations to our 2017-18

San Diego Pop Warner Scholars.

San Diego Pop Warner
2017-2018 Little Scholars
Aidan ReyesSantee82
Caterina LybargerLakeside82
Chase PorterCoronado82
Donna GerberLakeside82
Dylan YoungSantee82
Elias SanchezSantee82
Elliot GibbonsCoronado82
Finley AlexanderCoronado82
Francheska IanacioRancho San Diego82
Kaitlyn SampleLakeside82
Megan TauriainenLakeside82
Natalie CruzLvsd82
Salvador VillarrealPoint Loma82
Saxton SylvestorCoronado82
Thomas LoganRancho San Diego82
Donovan YousifLakeside8HM
Faith PoulsonLakeside8HM
Hannah RusboldtLakeside8HM
Sean TrussoPoint Loma8HM
Aaron LeePoint Loma72
Anita TurnerLakeside72
Benjamin KaplanSantee72
Braden WilsonLakeside72
Cailey MorrisCoronado72
Cameron LucasPoint Loma72
Chase LowaryPoint Loma72
Danica CossioAlpine72
David ReidPoint Loma72
Dominic DenhaLakeside72
Dylan FrischSantee72
Emmett JacobsonPoint Loma72
Ireland AllisonLakeside72
Jackson EmersonPoint Loma72
Jayce BattenRancho San Diego72
John CarlsonCoronado72
John KellyPoint Loma72
Joseph MerrittRancho San Diego72
Logan McHerringCoronado72
Mevina PerezAlpine72
Richard Wheeler IIIPoint Loma72
Samuel CahillCoronado72
Shane BaileyRanch San Diego72
Thomas TaylorPoint Loma72
Austin CordeiroLakeside7HM
Drake CobbPoint Loma7HM
Gavin DominguezRancho San Diego7HM
Jorge Verduzco Jr.Lakeside7HM
Nevaeh HenrichCoronado7HM
Noah TurbevillePoint Loma7HM
Paytyn WrightLakeside7HM
Robert HoveySantee7HM
William BuceyCoronado7HM
Rocco BalistreriPoint Loma61
Aden SacksRancho San Diego62
Alyssa OttersbachRanch San Diego62
Brandon AlvisLakeside62
Carson SahdPoint Loma62
Hannah FabiszakCoronado62
Kellen TinsleyPoint Loma62
Thomas BennettPoint Loma62
Cavon MaloneLakeside6HM
Kael DarbyRancho San Diego6HM
Sebastian SnodgrassPoint Loma6HM
Tyler TrowerAlpine6HM
Wyatt YoungSantee6HM
Braeden EadsRancho San Diego52
Trevor LoganRancho San Diego52

USA Football - Ban youth tackle football in discussion

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Image result for usa football

As proposed state legislation to ban youth tackle football is discussed in California, Illinois,
Maryland and New York, it is important that lawmakers recognize the forward-thinking
steps taken by the youth football community.

The attached document articulates the continued improvements we’ve accomplished
together as well as known science regarding youth and scholastic tackle football. You are
encouraged to share this document as you deem appropriate.
In California, a petition titled, “Save Youth Football in California,” has gained
more than 40,000 signatures. This petition calls upon California state lawmakers to prevent
passage of this proposal and allow parents to own the decision to consider tackle football
programs for their children.

Parents, not lawmakers, should own the decision to consider youth tackle football programs
for their children. We continue to emphasize that Entry Points and Options + Coaching Education
+ Continued Improvements in Football = Positive Experiences
for young athletes and their families. 

Yesterday in Illinois, an unannounced hearing took place to consider House Bill 4341, the
CTE Prevention Act. Due to the hearing not being publicly noticed (as is standard practice)
no opposing witnesses were alerted in time to testify against a bill banning youth tackle football
under age 12. The bill was passed out of committee, and will move forward to the state’s House
of Representatives. From there, the Senate will take it up.

In addition, a Maryland House Committee hearing will take place today at 1 p.m. ET to
discuss that state’s youth tackle football ban for athletes below the 9th grade level:

We will continue to keep you informed, and thank you for your continued support.

Josh Huber
Regional Manager, Youth | West Region
(P) 317-644-0493 (F) 317-614-7751
45 N. Pennsylvania St. #700 | Indianapolis, IN | 46204

Communications Support

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Our core mission is enabling young people to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. As we continue to fulfill that mission we must also help educate the public about the facts around head injuries and how today’s version of Pop Warner is a model for making youth football a safer and better
experience than ever.

    Some advocates and media reports have generated confusion and fear about youth football. Although research connecting football to long term brain injury is inconclusive and lacking scientific consensus, some are calling for the abolishment of youth tackle football because they believe it is the only way to keep kids safe. Proposed legislation in several states would ban the sport for children under 13/14; some look to ban tackle before 19.

This document offers Pop Warner’s perspective. Please refer to it when asked about Pop Warner’s positions.

Please also remember that it’s important to treat everyone on both sides of the issue with respect. We may not agree on details but we all care about kids and should aim to have an honest, civil discussion about a sport we believe offers so much to those who love it.

Pop Warner on the Issues

Questions about CTE Research
Pop Warner’s independent medical advisory committee of neurosurgeons, sports medicine physicians, pediatricians and scientists has led us to implement the most stringent player safety rules in the game. Our efforts to keep kids safer are driven by objective data. While opponents point to research that claims youth football can lead to CTE, the truth is no conclusive proof exists. Many of the nation’s leading medical researchers point out that there is no proven connection between youth football and CTE.(1)(2) As parents, players, coaches and administrators, we need to know more and we encourage more advanced, unbiased research into this issue.

It’s a Different Game
Pop Warner football is safer today than at any point in our history, thanks to mandated coaching education, greater awareness of concussions, a changing culture inside the sport and the most stringent rules in the sport. As a nation we know more today than we did 10 years ago and that has led to a safer and better version of youth football. Tackle football is a physical game with inherent risk. We are working with great partners like USA Football on approaches to complement our own efforts to make it safer.

Legislation Banning Football
We do not agree that banning youth football is an appropriate response to concerns about player safety. Parents, not the government, should decide whether their child plays football or any other sport. For nearly 90 years millions of kids have played Pop Warner football. As adults, they point to valuable life lessons and great memories from their youth football experience. Pop Warner parents have the choice of tackle or flag football for their child. If they choose tackle they know that we have worked with our medical advisory committee and various partners to make the game safer than ever before through coaching education, stringent new rules and greater awareness around concussions.

(1) Does CTE call for an end to youth tackle football? Despite press about a recent study, a link between hits to the head and CTE isn't clear-cut. More data and a risk-benefit analysis are needed.
(2) Dr. Julian Bailes of the NorthShore University HealthSystem Neurological Institute and CTE researcher believes there’s “no scientific consensus” that 12 or 11 is a threshold age below which tackle football becomes more dangerous.

Supporting Facts: What Pop Warner is doing to make the game safer

  • In 2017, our Hill Country Pop Warner League in Texas participated in a USA Football pilot program called Rookie Tackle, a transitional program for kids between Flag Football and 11-player tackle and it is already generating plenty of excitement in Pop Warner. We will offer it to more Pop Warner programs next season. It is played on a smaller field with fewer players and meant to introduce the sport.
  • In 2016, Pop Warner became the first national football organization to eliminate kickoffs. The ban was aimed at significantly reducing the amount of full-speed, head-on impact in games. Instead of kicking it off, the ball is placed at the 35-yard line to start each half and after each score in all Tiny Mite (5- to 7-years-old), Mitey Mite (7-9) and Junior Pee Wee (8-10) games.
  • In 2016, Pop Warner also announced a further reduction of contact time in practice across all divisions. After limiting player contact to a sport-low of 33 percent of practice time in 2012, Pop Warner now restricts contact to 25 percent of practice time.
  • In an effort to help change the culture and deliver an important message of safety to parents, coaches and the public, Pop Warner also produced a PSA in 2016 that started running last year on regional sports networks throughout the country, featuring actor Alec Baldwin and the head of our medical advisory committee, Dr. Julian Bailes.
  • Since 2013, Pop Warner coaches are mandated to train in USA Football’s Heads Up Football program, where safer approaches to tackling and blocking are taught.
  • In 2012, Pop Warner banned full-speed head-on, blocking or tackling drills where players lined up more than 3 yards apart.
  • In 2010, Pop Warner implemented the first youth sport concussion policy. Modeled after the Lystedt Law, any player suspected of having a concussion or head injury is removed from play and may not return to Pop Warner activities until he or she is evaluated – and receives written clearance – by a licensed medical professional trained in the evaluation and management of concussions.
  • To ensure that Pop Warner stays on the forefront of health and safety issues and medical developments that may affect our young athletes, in 2010 Pop Warner formed an independent Medical Advisory Committee. Led by neurosurgeons, researchers and sports medicine professionals, the committee is focused on the prevention, proper identification and treatment of concussions;hydration awareness; and general health and safety issues.


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Below is information about signing up to participate in your Pop Warner program.

How Do I Locate My Local Pop Warner Program?

  • You can use our League Finder to identify the closest program in your local city or town. Once you have identified the closest program, please contact that organization or visit their website to find out more information about registration, signup dates & locations, costs, schedules, etc. 

What are the Requirements to Participate in Pop Warner?

  • Must be between 5-15 years of age as of August 1st.
  • Meet the Pop Warner Age-Weight Requirements: Football I Cheer & Dance
  • Participant must have a 70%/2.0 grade point average from the previous school year
    Those not meeting the scholastic requirement may submit a Scholastic Eligibility Form, a progress report system used to monitor the participants grades throughout the season.

What Do I Need to Bring to Registration?

  • Original Birth Certificate (with raised seal).
  • Participant Contract/Parental Consent Form - name must match birth certificate exactly.
  • Physical Form - dated after January 1st of current year and signed and stamped by physician.
  • Year-End report card for current year (4 quarters).
  • *Other Requirements are determined by local program.

Additional Information to Consider Regarding Registration/Signing


  • Pop Warner programs have no tryouts or cutting of rosters.
  • A typical registration fee ranges on average from about $150 to $250, however, registration fees are set by each local program.
  • Pop Warner has a Mandatory Play Rule (MPR) for all teams - every child plays!
  • Pop Warner's AGE & WEIGHT MATRIX drastically reduces injury risks.
  • A typical season consists of a 7 to 9 game regular season schedule.
  • Pop Warner participants and volunteers must abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • Take a look at some of the many Benefits of Playing Pop Warner.

2018 National Pop Warner Calendar

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Congratulations - Santee Ravens and Point Loma Pointers

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Winning First Round - National Pop Warner Championship

Congratulations to both teams
Keep of the good work.

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